About Us


The DuMouchelle family has been in the jewelry business for over 80 years and are known for their expertise and service. We take pride in providing great value and appraisals for diamonds and are approached by clientele from all walks of life. Our company’s reputation is based on trust, service, and expertise. Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we provide each and every customer with the commitment to finding the best value for their fine diamond jewelry and loose diamond stones.

As leaders in the diamond appraisal industry with over 80 years of history behind us, we specialize in appraisal of diamonds one carat and larger. We are able to offer the highest payouts on larger diamonds because of our thorough appraisal process, and also because we are auctioneers and not resellers. That means that we are able to offer higher payouts on your diamonds than resellers who are simply middle men.

We have heard from many customers who have gotten inaccurate appraisals and much lower estimates with other diamond buyers than with us. Get a free appraisal with DuMouchelle Diamond Exchange and make sure you’re getting what your valuables are really worth!

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for you when you sell your diamonds. We have a global network of buyers, collectors, and dealers who are always interested in purchasing new diamonds. Please contact us today to speak with an appraiser about your options.

We auction our merchandise instead of reselling it, which is why we are able to offer significantly higher payouts than our competitors. Especially with larger diamonds, you will not get a higher price with any of our competitors — we guarantee it.

If you are selling a diamond one carat or larger, feel free to contact our chief appraiser, Joseph DuMouchelle, directly at