Mar 21

A Yellow Diamond Set in Yellow Gold – The Perfect Match

Some yellow diamonds, with only slight shades of yellow, will be cheaper than a classic white diamond, however, there are yellow diamonds that will cost a lot more than a white diamond. The reason being is that natural fancy yellow diamonds are rated according to their color strength and intensity. The highest-quality grade is the Vivid Yellow followed closely by the Intense Yellow. The poorest quality is the Light Yellow diamond closely followed by the Fancy Yellow.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond, featured here with a perched bird, weighed roughly 287 carats when it was discovered.


Among the most desired and of naturally the more expensive yellow diamonds are various shades of Vivid Yellow diamonds and the rarer Intense Yellow diamonds that are called Canary Diamonds. Canary Yellow Diamonds are very rare and therefore their price is very high, they are almost double than the price their counterparts. These diamonds are sought after by both investors, who might hold on to the diamond without actually putting it to use, and the wealthy who wish to have then set in jewelry. The Canary Diamond has such a distinctive tone of yellow that even those who lack experience in colored diamonds would realize that they are looking at a Canary Diamond if they were to see one.

Yellow diamonds look spectacular when they are set in yellow gold. In fact they are a perfect match; moreover, when set together with white stones the effect is even more striking. Very often a yellow diamond will be set in a 3-stone ring, and the contrast of the two outer white diamonds is magnificent. The white diamonds could be in triangular, trapeze or oval shapes.

Just like other natural diamonds the color is the main influencing factor in regards to the value of the diamond, closely followed by the size and clarity. Clarity is a very important factor when evaluating yellow diamonds; however, this has far less importance than when evaluating white diamonds.

Yellow diamonds are most frequently found in the Radiant cut. Experts consider this the ideal shape for enhancing the yellow color. Yellow diamonds can be also be found in the Cushion cut, Oval cut, Pear cut and Heart shape. The rarest shapes are the Emerald and the Brilliant cuts. The price of these shapes is always significantly higher for all fancy color diamonds.

The cut quality of a colored diamond is not the same as the traditional white diamond. The objective of the diamond cutter when cutting a fancy color diamond is to emphasize the depth and saturation of the diamond’s color and simultaneously strike a balance between the carat weight and the brilliance.

When purchasing a yellow diamond or any other natural fancy color diamond for that matter, it is critical to verify that the diamond is accompanied by either a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading report, or any one of the other trustworthy laboratories such as HRD, IGI and EGL. The grading report must state that the color origin is natural. The report will also describe the intensity of color plus the color distribution throughout the diamond.

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